Maisha Bora

Welcome to Mazingira Greens Party, a progressive political party committed to creating a sustainable and just future for Kenya. Our party is founded on the principles of environmental sustainability, social justice, and democratic governance. We believe that by prioritizing the protection of our environment, promoting social equity, and ensuring accountable leadership, we can build a better Kenya for all.

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Image of the party Founder Prof. Wangari Mathai
Our Areas of Focus

Building a Greener, Fairer, and Stronger Future:

Environmental Sustainability

Social Justice

Inclusive Governance

Sustainable Agriculture

Good Governance

Image of the party Founder Prof. Wangari Mathai

About Us

Mazingira Green Party (MGP) is driven by a strong mission and set of values. We are committed to environmental sustainability, social justice, and inclusive governance. Learn about our party's history, background, and the organizational framework that guides our work..

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